United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association
2011 UBSDA National Specialty Policy on Standards of Behavior by UBSDA Members and

Special Note on UKC Registration
All dogs entered in all classes at this show/trial with the exception of Elder Sweepstakes must be
UKC registered by the closing date in order to compete.
Entries may be submitted, but will be held by the show secretary pending UKC registration. The owner of the dog should supply the show secretary
with a copy of the registration. If the registration number is not supplied by the closing date, the entry and fee will be returned.  Dogs who do not have
primary registration (such as imports whose owners are awaiting foreign papers) may ask the UKC to grant them Temporary Listing privilege which
grants a dog a temporary number for 60 days.  Any points won will be held for that time, but will be lost if permanent registration is not completed by
the end of the 60 days. Contact the UKC at: 100 East Kilgore Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49001-5598, 269/343-9020, Fax 269/343-7037

*C. Effective March 1, 2007, no Judge may pass judgment on a dog of which they are listed as a
breeder or co-breeder in any conformation class. Judges Code of Ethics and Rules for Judges.

Policy on Standards of Behavior by UBSDA Members and Guests
In order to maintain good relations with the host hotel and to ensure the availability of similar show sites in the future, we’re requesting
that hotel rooms and show grounds be kept in good condition. Show grounds, rings,grooming areas, hotel rooms and grounds are
expected to be left with no appreciable damage and as clean as possible. To ensure that this standard is met, the Club, as a matter of
policy, sets forth the following standards of behavior:

1. All dogs must be on leash at all times.

2. Dogs must be exercised in designated areas only.

3. No dog should be left un-crated in a hotel room in the absence of the room occupants at any time.
Plastic will be provided to place under crates.

4. Dogs that constitute a nuisance to other occupants of the hotel by continual barking or howling may
subject their owners to being removed by the hotel.

5. There will be no extensive grooming of dogs in the hotel rooms. Grooming will be permitted only in
the areas set aside for that purpose on the show grounds.

6. No dogs should be washed in hotel bathtubs, and hotel towels should not be used on dogs for drying
them or for any other purpose.

7. The external and internal premises of the hotel and show site shall be kept free of debris and feces
caused by the presence of dogs attending this Specialty.

8. The Club will provide a committee to inspect rooms upon member checkout, either separately from,
or in concert with, designated members of the hotel staff. Should any room or its contents exhibit signs of unusual wear or damage
because of the presence of a dog or dogs, the occupant of that room may be held up to censure by the Club and shall recompense the
hotel for all damages.

9. While UBSDA cannot assume legal responsibility for the actions of individual persons attending one of
its National Specialty shows, it does assume ethical responsibility for their actions. It will make every
effort to assure that an offending person makes redress to the hotel or show site in the event that s/he is
responsible for damages to the premises.

10. UBSDA urges its members to inspect their rooms carefully prior to checkout.

All members of UBSDA are expected to adhere to these standards. The Specialty Show

Committee expects that non-members attending our events will adhere to these standards also.