United Belgian Shepherd Dog

Assisted Animation for BSD Conformation

From Section 8 of UKC Event Rules and Regulations
U.K.C. Special Judging/Exhibition Procedure for Belgian Shepherd Dogs Only-Instituted January 1, 1996

Belgian Shepherd Dogs may be shown one of three ways at U.K.C. Licensed Conformation Shows. The manner in which they are
shown is determined by the Host Club.
a. Customary Exhibition procedure.
b. Assisted Animation/Critique Procedure, Long Form (AA/CP-LF).
c. Assisted Animation/Critique Procedure, Short Form (AA/CP-SF).
If the Assisted Animation/Critique Procedure is to be used, the correct format is outlined in the
Event Information section.

When the Assisted Animation/Critique Procedure is to be used, a statement of the type used (AA/CP-LF or AA/CP-SF) must be
written on the Application For One Licensed Event as well as included in all advertisements pertaining to the show, including the
BLOODLINES Upcoming Events section.

The United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association may specify to clubs hosting their breed, which method they prefer to be used for
their breed. While use of the preferred method is not mandatory, U.K.C. hopes that UBSDA's wishes will be considered. However,
Club's should be advised that when offering the Belgian Shepherd Dog and utilizing the AA/CP procedure of judging, additional
time must be made available for the judging of this breed.

The Judging forms used for the Assisted Animation/ Critique Procedure are available for a nominal fee from U.K.C.