United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association

Judges Code of Ethics and Rules for Judges.

1. UKC Judges are approved on the basis of their knowledge of dogs, their understanding of the UKC rules, their
dedication to the sport of purebred dogs, and their integrity. Judges are the role models for our sport and, as such, are
expected to adhere to the highest standards of conduct, both in and out of the ring. Judges should adhere to the
following guidelines when judging:
A. Judges’ decisions play a key role in determining future breeding stock. Conformation decisions must be based
strictly on the UKC standard and performance placements on
the UKC rules.
B. Judges should dress appropriately for the event and the weather. A Judge’s appearance should always be neat and
C. Judges should not only avoid impropriety but also the appearance of impropriety. In a sport where Judges are
bound to have numerous friends among the exhibitors, it is important when judging to keep socializing at events to a
minimum, both in and out of the ring. Judges should be cordial to all exhibitors while maintaining a professional
D. When not judging, Judges are encouraged to participate in UKC events as spectators, exhibitors, workers, and club
members. In such situations, however, Judges must be mindful that people give extra attention to their words.
Judges should refrain from gossip and be cautious about discussing dogs they have judged.
E. Judges should not exhibit on the same weekend at companion shows as a show that they are judging.
F. If a Judge is judging at an event held by a club of which the Judge is a member, the club officers and members of
the show committee should not exhibit dogs under that Judge, nor should a third party exhibit dogs owned or co-
owned by officers of the club or members of the show committee under that Judge.

2. Conformation Judge Rules. Judges are the subject of scrutiny, both for the job they do in the ring judging dogs
and how they conduct themselves in other roles, whether as spectators, club members or exhibitors. Becoming a
judge brings with it an extra set of responsibilities, an obligation to conduct oneself in a manner that is above
reproach. Integrity is part of the persona of the judge and there should never be an instance where a judge’s integrity
is in question. The judge should avoid improper actions and situations as well as those situations and actions that
could give the appearance of impropriety. These sorts of actions and situations, whether real or perceived, will quickly
erode the judge’s image.

For these reasons, the United Kennel Club has adopted the following rules in regard to its Conformation
Judges and Exhibiting:

A. Judges must not steward for a Judge during their judging of the same breeds they will be judging the same
B. No judge may enter a dog owned by another person on a weekend they are judging.
C. No Judge may pass judgment on a dog of which they are listed as a breeder or co-breeder in any conformation
*D. No Judge may exhibit dogs in conformation classes on the same day they are judging any event, or in the
conformation classes at any associated event prior to the day they are judging.

Example 1: John Doe is judging the Weight Pull competition on Saturday. He may not show his Russell Terrier
at in the conformation event on Friday or Saturday.
Example 2: John Doe is judging the Obedience Trial 1 on Sunday of a 5-show weekend. He may not show his
dog at any of the conformation shows on Friday or Saturday held in conjunction with the Sunday event.
Example 3: John Doe is judging conformation classes at the Friday show. He may not show his dog in any of
the events (includes conformation, all performance events and Terrier Racing) held in conjunction with the
Friday show, but may show in any events held on Saturday and/or Sunday.