Title of Merit and Reproducer of Merit
Send completed form and documentation to:
Cathi Blackburn
13430 Middle Delaware Road
Henderson, KY 42420

The more thorough description of these awards appeared on page 16 of the Jan/Feb 2004 Belgian Beacon.

City, State, Zipcode:
Dog’s Name:

Applying for O
Title of Merit
O 100 conformation points
O  5 excellent  ratings from 5 judges
O 4 BM/BF of Variety Wins over competition  or               O attainment of UKC championship
O Reserve BM/F or higher over competition
O Passed  UBSDA Character Test at Simple Level   or     O earned U-CD
O Clearances on hips  

Applying for O
Reproducer of Merit
O Earned a TM
O Has 3 offspring that earned TM

Application must be accompanied by documentation showing that dog has completed the requirements for
either the TM or RM.
Documentation can consist of copies of critiques with judge’s signatures, show results in Beacon or
Bloodlines, Championship or U-CD title certificate, clearances on hips, Character Test certificate.

Signature of owner/breeder:
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United Belgian Shepherd Dog
The Title of Merit (TM) is an  UBSDA award aimed at recognizing dogs that have achieved a level of
excellence in multiple categories—beauty, character, and health.  
The Reproducer of Merit (RM) recognizes
dogs that have reproduced these qualities.
Title of Merit (TM):
Beauty and Type
•        100 points in conformation wins
•        5 excellent ratings from 5 judges
•        4 Best Male/Female of Variety wins over competition or  attainment of  UKC Championship
•        Reserve Best Male/Female or higher over competition
•        Pass the UBSDA Character Test at the Simple Level and/or obtain a U-CD
•        Clearances on hips.
Reproducer of Merit (RM):
To earn the RM the dogs must
•        Have earned a TM
•        Have three offspring who have earned the TM.

To obtain these awards, the owner/breeder of the dog should complete a copy of the form below and send
copies of documentation (copies of critiques, titles, etc.) showing that the dog has completed the
requirements of the TM and/or RM.  The title is awarded yearly at the Annual Banquet with appropriate
These awards are retroactive.