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a) Keep a record of and minutes of all meetings of the UBSDA and of the Board and of all matters of which a record
shall be ordered kept by the UBSDA.
b) Keep a unified list of motions passed.
c) Keep a record of all Board submissions to the Beacon, and submit these items to the Beacon editor.
d) Keep a record of notifications of Special Meetings.
e) Inform the UKC of UBSDA actions that concern the UKC.
f) Receive and process charges against members.
g) Conduct other duties as assigned by the Board or these By-Laws
In the death, absence or incapacity of the President and Vice President, the Recording Secretary shall carry out the
duties and exercise the powers of the President.
Section 4.4.4 Corresponding Secretary: The Corresponding Secretary shall:
a) Accept and process membership applications.
b) Keep and publish annually a membership roll.
c) Send dues notices and receive dues.
d) Process UBSDA elections.
e) Conduct other duties as assigned by the Board or these By-Laws.
Section 4.4.5 Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all moneys due or belonging to the UBSDA, and
write and sign checks as required by the Board. If the Board directs, the Treasurer must have a second Officer or
Director, selected by the Board, co-sign checks above a pre-determined amount. Moneys shall be deposited in a
federally insured and regulated bank designated by the Board, in an account in the name of the UBSDA. The books
shall at all times be accurate, up to date, and open to inspection by the Board. A report shall be given at every Board
and Regular Membership Meeting, as well as in each Monthly Board Letter, of the condition of the UBSDA's finances
and every item of receipt or payment not before reported. At the Annual Meeting, a written accounting of all moneys
received and expended during the previous Official Year shall be distributed. Said annual accounting may use
categorized totals, and need not present each line item. The Treasurer’s books shall be audited at least at the end of
the elected Treasurer’s term in office, or after the resignation, death or expulsion of the Treasurer. The Board shall
designate a professional auditor or and audit committee composed of three (3) Regular Members. The Board may
require the Treasurer to be bonded at UBSDA expense. In the event of the resignation, death or expulsion of the
Treasurer, all moneys and account books of the UBSDA shall be handed over to the Board until the office of Treasurer
is filled. The President shall sign all checks during this interim period,
Section 4.5 Vacancies: Any vacancies occurring on the Board or among the Officers during the year shall be filled
until the next annual election by a majority vote of all the then members of the Board at its first regular meeting following
the creation of such vacancy, or at a special Board meeting called for that purpose, except that a vacancy in the office
of President shall be filled automatically by the Vice President and resulting vacancy in the office of Vice President shall
be filled from the Board.
Section 4.6 Compensation: The members of the Board shall serve without compensation for time or labor but may be
compensated for reasonable and necessary actual expenses as determined and individually approved by the Board.

Section 5.1 Annual Election: The annual election of Officers and Directors shall be conducted by secret written ballot,
except that if no nominations are received by the Corresponding Secretary as provided in Article V, Section 5.2.3, no
ballot will be necessary. In this case, the persons selected by the Nominating Panel will be declared elected by the
Recording Secretary at the annual meeting of the UBSDA. If additional nominations have been made as provided in
Article V, Section 5.2.3, the Chairperson of the Tally Panel shall report the results of the election to the Recording
Secretary at the annual meeting. The nominated candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for each office or
position on the Board shall be declared elected. The winner of a tie vote shall be selected by the toss of a coin.
Section 5.2.0 Nominations: No person may be a candidate for an office or position on the Board who has not been
nominated. Nominations cannot be made at the annual meeting or in any manner other than as provided in this Article.
Section 5.2.1 Nominating Panel: Before April 1ST of each year, the Board shall select a Nominating Panel from
among the Regular Members in good standing, consisting of five members and two alternates, none of whom shall be a

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